4 steps to remember who you really are

What if I told you that the most important purpose you have here on Earth is to remember your truth – to remember who you really are, remember what you are, where you came from?

To remember your grandest potentials, your freedom, your liberty?
What if I told you that this was your only job being here on this Planet?
To wake up and to live your life’s purpose?



Not everyone might know what you are seeking – only YOU do, but there is a KNOWING within you that confirms your truth, your authentic truth that will guide you to remember who you REALLY are.



I find these reaffirmations very helpful :



  1. Forgiving yourself. Being gentle with yourself:



This does not come easily to me, but I continue trying.
The Ego part of the mind often trying to critic and sabotage your state of peace.

2. Being honest with yourself:



Learn to share your authentic feelings with others, but most importantly – with yourself.
Find a quiet peaceful momentum in each day for aligning and centering yourself.

3. Understanding your authentic truth:



Liberate yourself from believing that the notion of the material things can define you somehow. The way you treat yourself, your family and friends – does define us.

4. Being conscious of your choices:



Do the very best you can to keep “your side of the road as clean as possible “. You do not need to come back here again to clean up the “mess” from your previous manifestation.



I believe The Universe always meets you at the level of your consciousness.